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i am such a loser... - Kips and Kels [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
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i am such a loser... [Jun. 26th, 2004|11:44 pm]
Kips and Kels
rent trivia!

who is benny married to?: allison grey (muffy)

who did mark used to date?: mareen

who is mark and rogers ex-roomate who they are friends with?: tom collins

what is the name of the last song in the first act?: la vie boheme

what is the name of the first song in the second act?: seasons of love

who sings "light my candle"?: mimi and roger

who sings "tango maureen"?: mark and joanne

who im the show is a drag queen?: angel

who does the drag queen fall in love with?: tom collins


who is your favorite character: its between mimi, angel, and collins

who is your least favorite character: benny

what is your favorite song in the musical: ill cover you reprise, but they're all amazing

...least favorite?: oh i dunno.. one of the phone ones

if you have ever seen it, who do you think was the best actor/actress in the cast that you saw: collins, at least in the cast i saw... mimi and mareen were awesome too

are you obsessed? yes ;)

do you own the cd?: yes, but then i lost it, and then today i found the first one but i still cant find the second one

if so, how many times have you listened to it?: lots

do you have any pictures/posters of the musical?: no but thatd be cool

how many times have you seen rent?: once a few weeks ago, but i WILL see it again, hopefully in NY

have you ever camped out overnight so that you could get the good tickets cheap for the next show?: no but seriously that would be so cool